Classic Poinsettias

It is time to forget the modern blue and gold versions of poinsettias as the classic rosy shades are making a comeback. This year reds and whites will be filling garden centers.

Classic Poinsettias

Over the past few years, poinsettias have been, colourful, spray-painted and decorated with glitter. Trendy and young buyers were especially interested in these versions of this Christmas flower. Blue, orange, fuchsia, lilac, yellow, turquoise, gold and silver were in high demand.

Krystal Keistler, the annuals/indoor plant area manager at Echter’s Greenhouse and Garden, in suburban Denver says, “these are not you grandma’s poinsettias, funky and fun these fantastic colours will liven your surroundings for months to come.”

However market experts say that people are more sentimental this year and would prefer to purchase things that are more customary. The most popular varieties are Dark Red, Silent Night, Crimson Red, Lipstick Pink and Polly’s Pink.

There are nearly 100 varieties of this plant available, and growers are constantly coming up with new and unique colours.

If you care for your poinsettias properly you can probably keep them blooming until Valentine’s day.


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