Church Holds Annual Flower Festival

This year the annual Festival of Flowers was held in Sudbury at the Church of Epiphany. Along with the many flowers on display, there were choirs, art and fashions thrown into the mix.

Church Holds Annual Flower FestivalThe event was held from Friday to Sunday. The Finnish Male Choir and Harmony closed the festival off with a sold out concert.

Clothes from the Fashion Fair were modeled as a part of the fashion show by female church members. This show was for charity and also sold out.

Margaret Loney, known for her watercolor paintings of flowers, had an exhibit of her paintings held over the weekend. Admission was free of charge and the paintings were on sale. Currently these paintings are being displayed at the Sudbury Theatre Centre until the 10th of June.

“I love flowers and I think you should paint what you love,” is what the artist says about her art. Loney went on to say, “We hope to make it (the flower festival) an annual event.”

The church was decorated with flowers arranged by local florists.


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