Chrysanthemums Are The Flower of The Moment

Chrysanthemums are the staple of many a florist’s design repertoire and seem to always be in demand. The flowers are also growing in popularity with home gardens too. Here are just a few reasons as to why Chrysanthemums are widely considered to be the flower of the moment.


First, their symbolism is almost unrivalled; chrysanthemums are clearly the happiest of all flowers. What they symbolise is joy, long life, and happiness, practically everything associated with them is positive and this in turn tends to evoke positive feelings in those around the flower. Secondly they are easy to care for. They respond well to plenty of food and water, lessening the concern of over watering or using too much fertiliser. Although they do resent ‘wet feet’, so when planting them be sure to dig the hole extra deep to prevent water from over saturating. Furthermore they can be planted at almost any time of the year (but they do best in early spring) and only need to be divided every three to five years.

Variety is another element that helps make this flower appear extra special. Chrysanthemums come in all sorts of colours, including lavender, red, and yellow, with there being a whopping thirteen different categories from quill all the way up to pompoms, meaning that they’ll suit pretty much any home décor or garden. Their flowers are also some of the longest lasting after being cut among the floral world. After a week in a vase they’ll still be going strong and will last around an average of two weeks, which outlasts many other commonly used flowers. Not only is chrysanthemum tea a traditional medicine for the relief of headaches and sore throats, but also as an indoor plant they remove any nasty toxins that might be lingering in the air.

The rationale for the popularity of chrysanthemums has been detailed, now listed below are a few tips on how to grow them. Firstly, although chrysanthemums can be grown all year round, later plantings can get quite technical.  For the amateur gardener it is best to stick to early chrysanthemum planting. Early planning should occur in mid-May for best results and plants should be spaced out at 45cm apart. Chrysanthemums prefer a sheltered, sunny position as well. To achieve a large, single bloom simply cut away all side buds and shoots, likewise to cultivate a spray, cut away the main, terminal bud. Aphid and leaf miners are two of the primary pests that should be controlled around these plants. If the chrysanthemum stock has not been heat-treated then bud and leaf eelworms can also be a problem.


The usefulness and care for growing chrysanthemums has been outlined. Considering the variety and longevity of the flowering plant, it makes a logical addition to any garden. The chrysanthemum is a beautiful flower that inspires happiness and positivity in those around it, with its growth being just as pleasurable an experience.

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