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Everyone’s Christmas is unique thanks to the way we choose to decorate them. Some go for a uniform colour scheme while others let the kids cover the tree in decorations for a charmingly mismatched look. Read on for some classic and more unusual ideas to create an elegant and stylish Christmas tree for the home, as well as Christmas flowers to complement the looks.

Go for gold

This unified colour scheme says opulence, richness and joy and makes for a truly beautiful, elegant Christmas tree. Gold baubles, bows and stars will shimmer and shine on the natural tree creating a beautiful juxtaposition. Add glitter ornaments to add extra sparkle – these can be bought from the shops or you can have fun making your own. And of course, natural elements like pinecones and nuts can be spray-painted gold and added to the tree. Graceful white Christmas flowers will make ideal complements to a gold tree – such as a heart of winter tulip arrangement.

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Enchanted woodland

Create a magical Christmas tree to enchant and amaze by taking inspiration from the woodland and fairy tales. Use wooden ornaments and natural elements like pinecones, dried fruits like lemons and oranges, cinnamon sticks and dried flowers. You can also head outside to gather berries, bark and other natural decorations to bring into the home. Add sweet treats like gingerbread and iced biscuits for a tree that the kids will love and don’t forget to include magical Christmas lights! Roses, tulips and candy canes make a magical Christmas flower accompaniment to your woodland-style Christmas tree.

Red and white

Red, white and green are three of the classic colours of Christmas and a great opportunity to create an elegant tree that incorporates the iconic characters of Christmas. Red decorations are abundant this time of year: think Santa, berries, red stars and red baubles. For the white elements choose white decorations inspired by the snow of the season – such as doves, stars and snowmen. Add cotton balls to create the look of snow, and red and white candy canes can be the sweet delights to top everything off! And to complement the colours of your Christmas tree, choose red Christmas flowers like poinsettia or amaryllis, or white blooms like roses or lilies with bright red berries.

Sea breeze tree

A less traditional choice but one that’s no less beautiful and makes for a real curiosity in the home. Choose sea inspired ornaments like starfish and other marine life and add shells which are ready made decorations for the home! Shades of blue, white and green make the perfect colour palette for this look and glitter can be added to decorations for Christmas sparkle. Choose Christmas flowers to fit the colour scheme of your sea tree – such as a blue, silver and white rose winter arrangement.
Get creative this Christmas and find the perfect look for your elegant Christmas tree, and head to a Christmas florist to find the flowers to accompany your chosen look.

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