4 Seasons Greetings & Tips For A Stylish Home This Christmas

Excited for Christmas? With the right Christmas flower arrangements you can celebrate all winter long. If you’re not feeling it already, festive décor also helps you get into the mood! So be sure to fill your home with holiday warmth, spirit and ambiance of the season. Let a few Christmas decorations and seasonal winter flowers turn your home into a magical, joyful place.

christmas flowers

This winter and December, allow Christmas to take hold. Take delight in popular gift plants for the holidays. Make sure you share them with family and friends, too. Here are Todich Floral Design’s jolliest, cheery flowers, hand-selected and arranged for you this Christmas:

The Classic Christmas Bouquet. There are so many variations of blossoms and flower arrangements that play on Christmas colours. Of course you have classic red, green and white—but then, too you have bright gold and the shimmering silver of stars, deep crimson and the rich evergreen of holly, mistletoe, pine needles and poinsettia leaves. You can warm and make your home aglow with the season’s joy!

Red and white rose arrangements are a classic Christmas floral display. From here you can sub in another one of Todich Floral Design’s favorite winter seasonal flowers—red carnations—alongside carefully arranged white chrysanthemums, white Peruvian lilies, red berries and pine needles..

Create your own Christmas flower vase. This project is easier than you think—a true gift during the Christmas season when you are probably busy enough already with gift shopping, cooking and planning.

You begin with a flower arrangement from a local or online florist, or, if you decide to go the DIY route, try something simple—red and white roses (or carnations), either Queen Anne’s Lace or white gypsophila, and some kind of pine, such as white pine or Douglas fir.

Once you have your Christmas bouquet, find a gifted-wrapped box (without the lid) or a wicker basket. Place your flowers inside. Then decorate the surrounding area with tall white candles, pinecones or Christmas ornaments. This type of arrangement makes the perfect table centrepiece for Christmas dinner!

Red Poinsettias Around Your hearth. Sometimes simplest is best! There’s often no better way to deck your halls than the perfectly placed poinsettias plant. They’re so flexible you can set them anywhere. Find a spot for your potted poinsettia plant in the kitchen, by the front door, home office, foot of the staircase or by your fireplace (though make sure it’s a safe distance away).

Candles at Christmas Shed Holiday Warmth. Light at the holidays adds ambiance to rooms, warms us, brings us closer and helps us to appreciate time together. It’s no wonder that fire and light, and especially candlelight, play such an important role in rituals around the world and across cultures.

So, this Christmas, remember to light candles, placing them at dinner tables and as decoration in flower arrangements. Remember to come together, enjoy the company of loved ones and friends. Be sure to decorate and fill your space with the best and brightest décor of the season—and gratitude—because you deserve it.

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