Chinese New Year in Blooms

Valentine’s Day is not the only celebration to take place this February, Chinese New Year is also coming up.

In Chinese homes one of the key elements of the decoration scheme will be a multitude of flowers. Luck, wealth, rebirth and joy are just some of things that these flowers represent, along with their ability to give that added brightness for this kind of celebration.

If you know someone who is going to be celebrating, some of the flowers that are traditional items of decoration for this time of year are lilies, anthurium, chrysanthemums and azalea.  Orchids are becoming increasingly popular, as they last long and are relatively easy to care for.

Orchids are also representing a bit of a move away from tradition, as some of the flowers used for decoration in the past, like kamquats, are felt to be out-of-date.

Potted plants are also becoming more popular as they last longer, and are a way to extend the festivities and the warmth a bloom can bring into the home.

Anthurium is available in many different colours and arrangements, have a brighter one delivered straight to the home of a friend or family member that is celebrating. The Oriental Fantasy, is a unique arrangement and will add a touch of freshness to herald in the New Years flower is hardy and will out last the festivities.

We also have orchids in a wide variety of arrangements, including potted orchids. The Yellow Onicidium Orchid, is a beautiful plant, that has the ability to bloom for up to three months. I also feel that it is the perfect New Years decoration, as it reminds me of a firecracker going off.

Where ever the celebrations may be,, can have the flowers delivered to the location of your friend, family, special someone or co-worker, same-day in London, and next day anywhere else in the UK.

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