Top flower trends from the Chelsea Flower Show 2016

The Chelsea Flower Show is the world’s most prestigious flower show, drawing the best gardeners and florists from around the world to showcase their gardens to the great and beautiful. The show is run by the Royal Horticultural Society and was founded in 1804. It continues to be the top place to see innovative flower and garden design that delight and inspire. This year’s winner was Andy Sturgeon with a Mediterranean design that featured contrasting angles and textures and shades of copper and gold. The dry garden was certainly a key theme at this year’s event, and there were many other flowers and design features to inspire the green-fingered this year.


Dry gardens

Plants for dry terrains were used in many gardens that emphasised the importance of water to humankind. Sculptures, concrete geometry and gravel added to the symbolism and offset the drought-resistance plants. Flowers from the Mediterranean and the middle-east were used to create arid landscapes that are beautiful even in places where there is little rainfall. Hardy blue lupins, native to Jordan, were showcased in these gardens inspiring others to grow them at home. These candle-like flowers attract bees and make perfect partners to peonies and geraniums in the garden.

Geums are gems

At last year’s Chelsea Flower Show, the ‘Totally Tangerine’ geum was the star of the show. It’s been used every year at the show since it was launched six years ago and was out in force for 2016. These delicate little flowers, available in shades of yellow, orange and pink, are hardworking plants that bloom for months in the summer and give gardens a lift with their bright blooms and foliage. It doesn’t need much care and is an ideal border plant.

Cow parsley popularity

The meadow plant cow parsley has long been a favourite at the Chelsea Flower Show and continued to appear in garden borders this year. It’s tough green stems and tiny white flowers are reminiscent of the English countryside in summer. Huge swathes of them in fields look like white clouds under blue skies, so it’s easy to see why these whimsical plants feature in the wilder gardens at Chelsea.

Foxy flowers

This year many gardens at the Chelsea Flower Show featured foxtail lilies, native to Central Asia. Another dry plant for the show, these flowers are also known as desert candles and it’s easy to see why. The orange blooms grow in stunning spires that punctuate gardens with striking effect. They appear for a brief time but are worth it for their stunning appearance. Foxtail lilies need plenty of sun and moisture in the growing season.

Healing herbs

The power of plants was evident in designs like Jekka McVicar’s A Modern Apothecary Garden. The garden featured plants that have proven benefits to health and wellbeing including edible plants like chicory and sorrel and calming lavender to line the paths. As well as holding benefits when consumed, the fragrance of the garden undoubtedly had a positive effect on the wellbeing of all who passed through.

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