"Chapel Hill Yellow" A Flower Saving Lives

Chapel Hill Yellow

Nearly five years ago Susy Dirr made a discovery at her cottage in Chapel Hill N.C., hybrid flower called the “Chapel Hill Yellow” lantana.

At first the flower did not seem to be much of a plant but then during the second year of its growth it really started to blossom.

UGA professor and horticulturalist Mike Dirr saw special meaning in this flower. His daughter had lived a short life, dying of complications from cystic fibrosis, he saw this special cross of two varieties of lantana as “Susy’s pixie dust.”

Each year the flower bloomed with greater beauty and Dirr started to see its potential. With the help of two partners under the name of Plant Introductions Inc., Dirr started to develop new and similar flower strains, selling Chapel Hill Yellow in honor of Susy.

Sales of Chapel Hill Yellow have gone through the roof this year, and a soon-to-be-patented golden variety is set to hit the market.

The Sweet Melissa Fund will receive 30 percent of the profits. This non-profit organization was set up in North Carolina to help fund the lung transplants of those suffering from cystic fibrosis.

[Via: onlineathens.com]

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