Changing the Conventions of Gardening

Conventional wisdom dictates that when you plant the beds and borders of your garden they should be planted in tiers. With the smallest flowers being in the front, flowers that are of a medium height in the middle area, and the ones that are greater in size should be planted in the back.

Linda Cochran has thrown this wisdom out the window and has approached gardening from a new angle.

She has found that there are taller flowers, which are see-through to a point because even if they are placed in front of smaller flowers they only block the view slightly.

Flame grass (Miscanthus sinensis “Purpurascens”) is such a flower, it has a lovely fiery glow, and can serve az a gauzy screen in front of various kinds of flowers.

Of course there are many other types of flowers and ornamental grasses which serve the purpose of creating this kind of veil:

  • Giant Kale (Crambe cordifolia), looks much like baby’s breath but it takes on great heights with tiny beautiful white flowers.
  • Meadow rue (Thalictrum), which looks very much like a fern with tiny flowers bursting with colour.
  • Finally there is Black-leaved cow parsley (Anthriscus sylvestris “Ravenswing”) which is a relative to certain types of herbs and it has dark purple leaves, with white flowers to contrast.

You may have some other favourite tall plants that you’d like to use instead. The only thing you need to remember is that the flowers need to be a bit see-through, just so you can see the rest of the garden behind them.


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