Celebrate the Flowers Right at Your Feet

Celebrate the Flowers Right at Your FeetMost people do not know much about the flowers that they see along their daily walk. There is a summer long program in Cumbria which will be focusing on wildflowers this month.

The purpose of these events is not only to help with identification of wildflowers, there are also workshops where you can sketch wildflowers with a local artist’s help. Plus, you can learn about wider uses of wildflowers or go on herbal walks.

For those that do not want to stray too far, the roadside verges around the area are beautiful. There is also a nature reserve nearby.

And recreations are there to show how the Lake District’s valleys used to look like 50 years ago. Nearly 20 such events will take place over the summer, providing visitors with many opportunities to take a walk and look at the flowers along the way.

[Via: lakelandecho.co.uk]

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