Caring for the Rose-of-Sharon

Rose-of-SharonThe Rose-of-Sharon is a fairly large summer blooming shrub that can reach up to 12 feet and spread just about as wide. It is a very adaptable plant, growing easily in most soil conditions, with the exception of extremely wet or dry.

The foliage of this plant leafs out fairly late in the spring, but stays green long into autumn, with very little yellow colouring.

However, what really attracts gardeners to this shrub is the beautiful large white, red, purple and blue flowers it produces, from the end of June to early July. If the plant is well cared for, sometimes the flowers bloom long into September. When this plant is at its best, the entire shrub can be covered with flowers.

Many gardeners get frustrated with this plant as it often fails to bloom or drops its buds, but the great thing about it is that even if it has a bad year, the next year Rose-of-Sharon can produce some amazing flowers. Patience is basically the most important aspect of caring for this shrub…

[Via: New Ark Advocate]

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