Captivated by Spring and Rare Flowers

Captivated by Spring and Rare FlowersIn the Southern United States, spring is already in full swing and being enjoyed by many. Taking a hike in the hills is a great opportunity to see new and rare flowers.

A group of people from the South County community spent their weekend exactly this way. In the sunny weather they went for a guided walk and were immersed in a world of wildflowers at Lewis Hill Preserve.

The Sequoia Riverlands Trust owns the preserve and it is protected for the rare Adobe Striped Lily bloom. It is among the rare and threatened species in California, and is most often found in the Southern Sierra Nevada foothills.

The people who took part in the hike came equipped with cameras, hiking shoes and were captivated by their guide and botanist Fletcher Linton. They were led through steep grassy fields and were given a mini-geological lesson about the conditions that best suit the Adobe Striped Lily.

Though the hikers were fascinated by the flowers, most of them just seemed to be captivated by the landscape, even though they were taking part in such rigorous hike.


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