Cannas, the Flower of Summer

CannasUsually we can see cannas in the median strips beside the road; they are used by many cities to decorate the sides of their roads. However they can also be planted in our gardens.

Not long ago this flower was deemed to be very old-fashioned. Nowadays there are many new hybrids which are bringing back its popularity, with many new lovely pastel shades.

This is an ornamental type flower because it has huge eye-catching leaves and flowers. Some varieties of this flower can grow to a height of eight feet, with pink, yellow or red flowers. The shorter types of cannas grow to height of about 2 feet.

Horticulturist Dan Benaricik says that cannas can be used in flower beds and in containers. “I like the cannas’ foliage and their presence in the garden,” says Benaricik about this flower.

These flowers should be placed in the garden with some thought, because if they are left alone their unique colour can be a bit overwhelming. It is best to put larger groups of cannas among another type of flower.


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