Cancers are homely, loyal, nurturing, and romantic people known for being very demonstrative about their feelings. They have an instinctive and insightful nature that is enriched with compassion and protective attributes. If your girl friend is with the zodiac sign Cancer, you are lucky to have such an emotional and romantic person in your life. She will love flowers, specially the ones that symbolise loyalty and romance. If you are thinking of gifting flowers on her birthday, you are on the right track, because she will just love it. Pick the flowers that appeal to most Cancers such as delphinium, roses, and eustoma.

White roses, lilies, daisies, freesia, and poppies are the flowers of the pale Moon and are preferred by Cancers. These lovely flowers appeal to the innate sensitivity of the zodiac. Make a real statement and a wonderful impression with a bouquet of white roses. Select flowers that symbolise romance and loyalty such as the mesmerising iris, the ever beautiful rose, or the lovely Queen Annes lace.

Enchant her heart with the vibrant beauty of these amazing flowers and see her face light up with a smile. Gift a spa basket along with the flowers and she will surely appreciate your consideration along with your imaginative idea of mixing thoughtfulness and practicality.

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