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If you’re keen to have a plant in your home but you’re not really that green-fingered then it would definitely be worth your while to consider taking a look at Flowers24Hours cacti collection. Flowers24Hours is an online flower shop and florist based in London and provides same day flower delivery in the UK.

Cacti offer an unusual and exotic element to any household and they can also make very unique gifts within the UK. They are also a very low maintenance plant to keep, just show them a little bit of care and they can be something that thrives for years. They are ideal plants for those who are partial to a bit of travelling, you can jet off on your holidays safe in the knowledge that your cacti will be perfectly content with a small period of drought.

Flowers24Hours luxury London florists can arrange the cacti in order to create a beautiful display to fit any decor, whether that is in your home or in the office.

You can pick from our single cacti collection if you’d rather just stick with the one plant rather than an array of cacti. Our Siesta piece is a desert cactus which comes in a cream ceramic container and is surrounded by colourful stones that will brighten up any room.

If you’re looking for a reminder of brighter, summery days then perhaps consider the Sahara cacti compilation. This prickly set teams together a combination of vibrant greens and Spanish moss and is the perfect gift for men or women.

You could always go all out and be different by buying the contemporary cactus display. It comes in a zinc container and the miniature display is a stunning and unusual addition to any room.

The Sombrero cactus arrangement is an easy way to decorate the room; the cacti come in three individual metal containers and a matching tray to really make it stand out within its surroundings.

Cacti can also be a brilliant plant to consider purchasing for men as well as for women. They can bring a bit of the outdoors wildlife into an office or room without needing very much care or looking too feminine.

Our London florists at online flower delivery shop use their specialist knowledge to bring to life these beautiful displays and they will work hard to ensure that you can get the same day UK delivery.

Most of our collection comes with the additional options of using our special gift-wrapping service and you can also personal a free floral card to send along with the cacti. These services make our cacti perfect alternatives to sending flowers for gifts.

Purchasing a cactus is a decision that you should definitely put a bit of thought into, the plants can survive for many years and so you want to make sure you’ve chosen one that you definitely like. To view the entire collection just visit the online flower shop’s website Flowers24Hours by clicking here.

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