Burglar Smooths Things Over With Flowers

flower bouquetIn England, a robber repentant for his wrongdoing toward an elderly victim, sent her a bouquet of flowers as a way to apologize for giving her a fright, according to police.

A note and a bouquet of flowers were sent to a rather frazzled 91-year-old woman, following the events of October 9th, when she had confronted a burglar in her home around 4am.

The note contained an apology from a burglar who had thought that her Halifax home, North of London was empty, which is why he broke into it in the first place.

Police stated that the events had left the woman, “very shaken.”

West Yorkshire Police Detective Inspector Tony Nicholson said, “Whoever did this has a conscience, and feels guilty for what he has done.”

[Via: iol.co.za]

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