Buddleia "Pink Delight" and a Delight for the Garden

Buddleia Pink Delight and a Delight for the GardenThe buddleia shines brightly through the month of August, attracting butterflies to its blooms to make a spectacular sight in any garden.

The “Pink Delight” is a cone shaped variety of the buddleia and it has tiny delicate flowers with orange centers, while the little petals have shine in a strong and bright pink. The spike or conical part of the flower grows to one foot in length as the tiny flowers open. It is surrounded by silvery leaves, which change to a pale green. The shrub of this flower does not grow too large and only a spring pruning is needed to maintain a plant that is four to five feet in height.

The buddleia is very complex hybrid, which comes from the Boskoop Research Station in Holland, and it first came on the market in 1989.

Buddleias derived their name from Reverend Adam Buddle (1660-1715). Britain’s first herbarium was created by this parson and his contemporary, Carl Linnaeus, named this flower in his honor.

In Africa there are nearly 100 species and they usually grow in shrubs, while in Asia and the Americas you can also find them growing in trees. They vary in hardiness but in the wild this flower will usually grow at medium or high altitudes on mountainsides.

[Via: Telegraph.co.uk]

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