Easter Surprises: 5 Budding Easter Flowers

Celebrate Easter in Colour with Flowers 24 Hours Kaleidoscope of Vibrant Spring Flowers!

Easter, a much anticipated season, is a time of traditions, customs and practices which takes root in Christianity. Whether your celebrations consist of Easter Egg hunt extravaganzas or classic Easter dinners, which consist of tucking into the familiar hot cross bun, the common thread shared is an Easter’s representation of new life, rebirth and a promise of new beginnings.

With their vibrant blooms, fresh scent and lush green stem, spring flowers embody these elements perfectly. Easter flowers do so much more than smell nice – flowers inject life into home decor and vibrant blooms uplift new spaces; add warmth to tired interiors, instantly bringing cheer to Caster celebrations.

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Spring is certainly in the air with our delightful flowering branches, cherry blossoms and luscious green plants; displayed in an array of flowers, berries, foliage and vivid stems. Its sumptuous shades and textures add shape and edge.

Easter Flowers Arrangements

Spring showers us with an array of beautiful flowers, from exquisite ranunculus, elegant tulips, to cheery daffodils – a tempting bunch which looks ideal when placed with orchids, roses, carnations daisies and lilies, further enriched with sumptuous foliage. Flowers24Hours’s range of spring flowers sets the tone for Easter celebrations perfectly.


We at Flowers 24 Hours can’t get enough of this delightful spring flower, a popular spring choice – nothing come fresher or more sophisticated than tulips. With a sweet scent and irresistible rich colours, these regale, cheery blooms add shape and form to spring flower arrangements. Not quite evergreens, but once stripped of leaves and placed in water, these exquisite flowers stay fresh, long after Easter celebrations have past. Place in a white or modern vase and this spring delight’s – sure to spruce up the interiors with bursts of colour!


A popular spring flower, Ranunculus, derives from ‘Rana,’ French for frog, as it flourishes in damp conditions. With radiant shades and delicately formed petals, this rich flower adds texture, whilst its delicate layers add structure and a touch of romance to Easter flower arrangements. Ranunculus dazzle in an array of colours – it shines on its own and looks great when placed amongst other flowers. Ranunculus also dazzle in pastel shades of pale yellow, peach and coral, making them fitting flowers for Easter.


Think of Spring flowers and Narcissus are sure to come to mind, its joyful yellow shades and charming distinctive trumpet like form, compete for attention, and dazzle while added to other spring floral arrangements. Available in bright yellow and white hues, popular groups include daffodils, jonquils and paper-whites, each with its own distinctive characteristics. Considered as a flower of love, Narcissus also represent an appreciation for another person’s beauty, when presented as a gift. These bright blooms work well as table flower arrangements at Easter celebrations, and sit just as pretty, when incorporated alongside other spring flowers, to form striking centrepieces.


Hyacinths do a great job of fighting for attention, showcasing spectacular glossy bell shaped blooms with contrasting luscious green foliage against, distinctive pale purple and vivid violet-blue hues. Hyacinths are perfect flowers for Easter celebrations, its vibrant shades and structured form inject colour and form to otherwise mundane flower arrangements. Place in white or a contemporary vase to add edge and a vintage flair to Easter flower centrepieces. 



Calla Lilies, Easter Flowers

Last but certainly not least, Calla Lilies are a welcome guest and fitting choose when celebrating festive occasions such as Easter. A familiar fixture in stunning flower bouquets, and available in sumptuous reds, pink, white, yellow, purple, orange and green, Calla Lilies majestic form make them an exquisite choice for easter flower decorations. A symbol of purity, sympathy and beauty, from the Greeks and Romans times to now, Calla Lilies continue to be associated with celebrations and pleasure. These radiant flowers also make spectacular Easter bouquets and table decorations.

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