British Countryside and Flowers Threatened by Bumblebee Decline

BumblebeeBees are declining at a rapid rate especially in Britain, where many of the iconic flowers will die out if they are not pollinated, warn experts.

As the honey bee’s wild cousin, the bumblebee has the responsibility of pollinating the fruits, flowers and vegetables of the British countryside. Many rare flowers are only pollinated by this little insect. Fox gloves, honey suckle and many wild orchids cannot be pollinated by other insects.

The co-founder of the Bumblebee Conservation Trust, David Goulson said that much of the flowers and plants that are distinctive to Britain’s country side rely solely on the bumblebee like lupin, heather and poppies.

“There are lots of plant species out there which will never produce offspring without the bumblebees to fertilise them. If the plant disappears it will then cause the disappearance of lots of other species higher up the food chain leading to ecological disaster,” says Goulson.


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