Bring the Colours of Summer Indoors

Bring the Colours of Summer IndoorsFlowers are truly blooming their best at this time of year. There are beautiful colours, scents and textures to be found in the garden. It is not all that difficult to bring this beauty indoors and to make it last through the last months of summer and autumn.

There are some measures you can take to make sure that you bring the best out of your beauties.

Flowers should be picked early in the morning or late in the evening — at these times of day flowers are not stressed by the heat and their stems are fully hydrated.

As you gather the flowers, you should have a bucket of water with lukewarm to put them in. The stems should be cut with a clean knife or pruners at an angle, allowing the stem to take in a greater amount of water.

After all of the flowers have been picked, the stems should be re-cut under water, and foliage should be stripped from the stems.

Finally, the vase you put them in should be clean, and the water at room temperate. Ensure that the arrangement is placed out of direct sunlight.


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