Boxed in – mass prepared flowers

What is the difference when you buy your flowers from a florist rather than Interflora or a similar company?

If you order from some companies the order is accepted in an office with no flowers anywhere near and then sent on to a shop in your local area, where they have a catalogue showing the set range of bouquets on offer. They then look at the flowers that they have available and try to reinterpret the design as best they can for the portion of your money that will be passed onto them. The descriptions may sound perfect but how good the flowers are is rather down to how lucky you are in their choice of florist. And although you may have been promised Free Delivery – there is no such thing. Companies have to cover their costs. The flowers that you spent £70 on have first had the booking fee taken off, then the remainder is forwarded to local florists who have to pay for delivery out of what is left.
A real florist puts the flowers together in their own design, possibly with some input from the customer. The money that you have spent pays for your flowers and delivery to the recipient. Here at we can combine the best of both worlds as we design our bouquets and arrangements ourselves and then put pictures on our website so that you can select them from home. The difference is that your order comes straight to the same florist team who created the original and we have the total of your  £70 available to spend on flowers as we do in most cases charge delivery on top of the cost of flowers. So its a case of What You See Is What You Get!

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