Booming Organic Flower Business

Matt Gerald has a business that is literally growing. He has quite a few gardens and they are all blooming while he has gotten to the point where he only has to watch.

Booming Organic Flower Business

Mr. Gerald’s Sweet Pea Farm is located near Bar Harbor, which consists of four large greenhouses. In his greenhouses he grows vegetables all year round and flowers for seasonal trade.

The greatest advantage to having the greenhouses is that they give him an early start to the shortest growing seasons. They also protect the plants from game, Mr. Gerald says, “Without them all we’d be doing is feeding the deer. Our game is forcing things out of season.”

Mr. Gerald started his business twelve years ago with a small garden devoted to flowers for cutting. His gardens increased in size each year as the demand grew.

According to Mr. Gerald, “The flowers we’re cutting now will be in florists’ shops this afternoon. It took some time for the area florists to get used to getting their inventory this fresh, they were used to getting their flowers in boxes.”

Right now Mr. Gerald is selling 17,000 lilies and 9,000 tulips a year. In addition he sells snap dragons, bachelor buttons, rudbeckia and other types of flowers. He sells his blooms to florists at farmers markets in the area. His bulbs and seeds come from Holland and his flowers take about 60 days to get to the size he can sell.

[Via: Mount Desert Islander]

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