How to Make Blue Roses

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Some flowers do not exist in nature but you can easily make them by yourself using some simple tricks! Our floral stylist at Flowers24hours flower delivery company have prepeared some great florist tips – how to make blue flowers. If you’ve come across blue roses at your local florist in London, you’ve probably been captivated by their striking colour and charm. Unfortunately, blue roses aren’t that colour naturally – they are dyed using a simple process. It’s that easy, you can do it yourself at home.

You’ll need: 1 x vase, blue ink and white roses.

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  • Mix the blue ink with some water and stir
  • Take a white rose (make sure the bloom isn’t completely closed, but show as much of the bloom as you want to see once it’s dyed. Once it’s stained, the rose won’t continue to bloom, so make sure you’re happy with how it looks)
  • Cut the rose stems on the diagonal allowing a large area of cut stem to absorb water
  • Pop the roses into the blue water and allow them to soak for up to 24hours (you can remove the roses from the water at any time you wish, once you’ve found a shade of blue that you like
  • Once removed, cut the stems and place in clear water to keep fresh

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Wedding bouquets of roses can also look really striking by adding several blue roses in the design. If you’re looking for wedding flowers like roses, visit your local florist. For roses in London and wedding flowers delivered in London, visit flower delivery shop or local wedding florist

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