Blooms that are Good Enough to Eat

Blooms that are Good Enough to EatAt this point, most people who know a little something about flowers are aware of the fact that it is possible to eat them and that they can be quite delicious.

If you are interested in taking part in a flowery feast, it is important to know exactly which flowers are edible.

Contrary to common belief there is quite an assortment of flowers that can be eaten. Even the blooms of wild plants, herbs and vegetables can be consumed like the cuckoo flower, elderflower, bergamot, chives, and the blossoms of the courgette and runner bean.

Gardener Meeda Downey says that she has not had the chance to try them yet, “but there’s always the first time.”

The nasturtium and some other flowers can be eaten straight from the plant, and there are other flowers that should be cooked before they are eaten like tansy or milk thistles, while some others need to be made into an infusion like elderflowers and dried blossoms…

[Via: Irish Times]

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