Blooming in Winter

There is a new trend in gardening using flowers that do not die.

Becky Taylor, a master gardener with the LSU AgCenter says, “I suggest that they use them as their backbone, leaving openings. Imagine how the garden would be with all the annuals and the perennials down and where you want the interest to be.”

Blooming in Winter

Evergreens keep interest in your garden when all the other plants fade and die away with the coming of winter.

“Evergreens can also provide some protection, if you put in some cool weather annuals, like pansies, at the foot of the evergreen shrub. It serves as a backdrop when the garden is more or less at rest.”

Evergreens come in many forms like flowering plants, shrubs and, of course, trees.

The one difficulty you may face when using evergreens is that often they are not carried at garden centers which makes them difficult to find.


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