Blooming in the Heat of the Winter Sun

Sunshine in the winter cannot be compared to anything else. The rays of the sun are at their lowest, they slant and are very subtle.

Blooming in the Heat of the Winter Sun

The winters are getting milder, which is not such a great thing, but offers us new planting possibilities and options for our gardens. It’s time to make the most of any rays of light that come our way.

You should try to find some warmer spots in your garden where you can sit and enjoy the beauty of winter. A summerhouse facing to the south and spots beneath deciduous trees is usually a good place to hide from the heat of the sun. But during winter wrapped up in a hat and coat, they can be a warm place from which to watch your garden.

This is where you can also plant some scented trees or shrubs, which will release their scent with the heat of the winter sun. South-facing walls made of brick or stone do the best job of absorbing the sun’s heat, and are a good place to plant winter-flowering plants. Shrubby honeysuckle, Lonicera fragrantissima, and viburnum, are the best choice. These plants will give you a subtle show of colour and a scent to boost any warm cup of coffee.


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