Blanket Flowers for Both the Wild and the Garden

Blanket Flowers for Both the Wild and the GardenThe Blanket Flower is a fairly well-know flower in Southern Canada and the Western and Northern United States. It is not difficult to identify this flower.

Its scientific name is Gaillardia artista, as it was named after a French botanist by the same name, while the spines on the seeds of the plant are called artista. However, it is most commonly referred to as the Blanket Flower, and the strange thing about it is that there is no reference as to where the name originated.

The other name for this flower is Brown-eyed Susan — this is somewhat easier to understand as the center of the flower is a brownish colour.

The plant itself grows in clumps with stems that grow up to a height of two feet, and it looks much like a small sunflower.

This flower is not difficult to grow from the seed and is found in many gardens. Pacific Northwest Indian Tribes had medicinal uses for this flower like treating kidney problems, venereal disease, back ache and even for fighting dandruff…


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