Birthday Flowers by Month

Did you know that each month has a different birthday flower associated with it? Before you have your birthday flowers delivered in London or the rest of the UK, take a look at the meanings behind the different birth flowers.

January: Carnation

Carnations represent love and curiosity. Dark red carnations symbolise love and affection, while white represent good luck- a perfect gift to mark the start of the new year.

February: Iris

Although February may conjure up images of red roses, the iris is the birth flower for this month. They signify faithfulness and humbleness and can also carry the hidden meaning ‘I’ll always be true’.

March: Daffodil

One of the first flowers of spring, daffodils are the birth flower for March. Associated with new life, yellow flowers also symbolise friendship and happiness – take a look at this yellow flowers range available for UK flower delivery.

April: Sweet pea or daisy

These garden flowers are a delightful gift for someone’s birthday. Sweet peas come in candy shades and are said to signify pleasure and gratefulness, gerbera daisies have bold colours and are perfect to include in your April birthday flower design.

May: Lily

A flower that’s long said to symbolise purity, lilies make a luxurious birthday gift. You can choose them in shades of traditional white, or choose a vibrant shade like red, orange or pink when you order flowers UK.

June: Roses

Roses come in a wide variety of colours, each with their own special meaning. Usually roses are associated with love and romance, but roses in shades of yellow or blue are a perfect birthday gift for anyone. Send roses in London and the UK.

July: Larkspur

With their tall spikes of colourful petals, larkspur look beautiful in tall glass vases and symbolise carefree summer days and having an open heart. White flowers signify a care-free nature, while purple blooms symbolise first love.

August: Gladiolus

With tall stems and striking, coloured flowers, gladiolus is a real statement flower. They signify sincerity and honesty and come in colours from deep red to pastel shades. Arrange for flower delivery London from Flowers24Hours and you can get next day flower delivery UK.

September: Aster

With a daisy-like appearance, the most popular aster colour is purple representing wisdom and devotion. You can also find them in UK florists in other shades like white and pink, with all colours of aster representing faith and wisdom.

October: Marigold

The autumnal marigold is the flower for October, available in shades of white, gold and orange. They represent passion and creativity and in Mexican culture the bright blooms symbolise the sun and light.

November: Chrysanthemum

One of the most popular flowers, the chrysanthemum is associated with hope and optimism. With its autumnal warm colours, it’s a perfect gift for a November birthday, so consider these bright blooms when you send flowers in London and the UK.

December: Poinsettia

It’s no surprise that these traditional Christmas flowers are the birthday flower for December. Their bright red blooms symbolise luck and good cheer, and are the perfect flower for celebrations seeing off the year.

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