Flowers That Look and Smell Great

When choosing flowers for a home and garden, it is imperative that they look great, but smell nice too. Beyond the sensory pleasure of flowers, the science of smell indicates that scents can trigger everything from nostalgic memories to joyous emotions. Based on the sensory appeals of flowers, it is evident that scent-fueled flowers can add a new dimension to any surroundings they are placed in. The following is a quick list of the best smelling flowers that will improve both homes and gardens.

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Ever so sultry. Alyssum is an easy plant to grow and it comes with a sultry and sweet scent. Alyssum flowers grow in little clusters that come in white, purple, yellow, and various other colours. Blooming all through spring and summer when in full sun, these flowers require little to no effort to maintain, as it needs only minor maintenance and actually reseeds itself. These flowers are also a very inexpensive purchase, which makes them budget friendly on top of their sensory benefits. Alyssums have a very intense, sweet scent that will make any home smell amazing at an affordable price.

Sweet like candy. The mouthwatering scent of chocolate invokes the memory of a delicious cocoa taste. Chocolate cosmos have that light vanilla scent – the same scent in many popular chocolates – and have reddish brown flowers. These cosmos thrive in warmer climates and their scent intensifies amidst the heat of summer, especially if you plant six to eight chocolate cosmos close together. But, don’t be fooled by the delicious scent wafting in from the garden, as cosmos are actually poisonous to eat.

The scent of perfume. The shrub of gardenia is evergreen, but in summer it explodes with beautiful white blossoms. This aroma can blanket an entire garden and has been the inspiration for many perfumes, including one particularly famous release from the brand Chanel. Gardenias are particularly susceptible to garden pests and require a more maintenance than other garden flowers, but their beautiful scent is well worth the effort. Can add a wonderful fragrant scent to Weddings and events. 

The clock strikes four. Four o’clocks have a unique attribute that can add an element of surprise to a garden – they open in the late afternoon and remain open all night long. The drop in temperature as the sun goes down and nighttime occurs is the prime time for four o’clocks, as they like to close when the sun breaks and temperatures rise. They add a really vibrant variety of color to gardens, as they come in colours of fuchsia, yellow, and white. Four o’clocks also have a strong fragrance in the evening when open and bloom in midsummer. Simply put, four o’clocks are a beautiful, fragrant addition to any garden.
All of the flowers listed above make for a fragrant addition to a garden or home, with most looking fantastic in the process. While this list is in no way comprehensive, it’s a great starting point for any budding florist or gardener.

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