Have a merry, fun-filled Christmas: best decorated Christmas trees and ways to order delivery in London

Assorted flower arrangements are a beautiful, fun way to celebrate the holiday season–but what if you could make the holiday decoration process a little less taxing? You can! Fortunately, festive floral designs and decorated Christmas trees are available for delivery in London. But even if you do decided to shop and buy a real Christmas tree on your own time, you can still get lots of inspiration from these sample holiday decoration themes and tree ornament ideas

Flower garlands for your Christmas tree

Draped over the boughs of your evergreen, flower garlands at Christmas time turn your tree into a real flower display for the holidays. Hydrangeas blossoms, roses strung together with pine cones or holly berries, and anthuriums are all gorgeous, unique ways for you to dress up your tree.

Especially festive real Christmas tree toppers

Simple, floral toppers for real Christmas trees are an easy way for you to decorate your tree. White and red roses and white magnolia blossoms sit prettily on your tree, as do calla lilies or dragon lilies–which look like shooting stars, as they flare and burst across a night sky.

Get glamorous and chic–this decorated Christmas tree says ‘decadence’ all over

Decorated Christmas trees that are Frasier firs, Douglas firs and Scots pines–tall, narrow trees–make an illustrious Christmas treat when decked out with gold baubles, tinsel, silver icicles and cotton or silver spray paint to simulate snow.

A Christmas (fir) tree that’s fun and right from a magical fairy tale forest

A centre feature around your hearth, this fir tree, full of fey delight and forest magic, is bound to be a success among the kids at this year’s Christmas. Decorated with lots of tiny stuffed animals around the base of the tree, plush balls, and felt cut-out creatures hanging from the branches, this is a real tree that will be remembered for years to come.

Celestial elegance and angel tree ornaments

Finely crafted angels in white and rosy cheeked babes are a beautiful sight to behold, as they swoop and sway from the boughs of your Christmas tree. Complement these angelic additions with a touch of satin ribbon, red baubles, and silver twirling diamonds.

A rustic and regal real Christmas tree

It is time to go au natural in style, with gold and silver baubles for accents to hang delicately on your blueish green pine or deep green hued Christmas tree. Shiny emerald ornaments, pine cones, mini wreaths, orange and brown strings of beads and little smiling Father Christmas dolls, jolly as can be.

For real Christmas tree delivery in London, you can have your tree grown and cut from the farm, then sent to your home or office location, or decide on a tree grown in a pot and already portable, ready for you to pick up or have delivered. You only need to find your perfect tree and consider what decoration and theme your family will most appreciate for this year’s Christmas.

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