The Best Blossoms Bar None

London flower shop Flowers24Hours serves up more bouquets perfect for display at private events and out in public, in addition to their flower delivery UK. The London florist also proves their fine taste when it comes to restaurant flowers and bar flowers.


Flowers by delivery are common. People send flowers locally, send flowers to UK friends and relatives abroad. You may even pass a florist every other block, or come close to a flower market London and yet not even notice, unless they’re particularly fragrant! For that reason, luxury florist London Flowers24Hours is bringing attention to the less conventional flowers delivery and not just gift flowers. In fact, this UK florist would like to delve into some of the other places we see flowers—like cocktails, for example—for flowers delivery in UK. After all, in addition to flowers as gifts, Flowers24Hours cultivates flowers for restaurants as well as bar flowers and plants.

Sending flowers to London mixologists?

Yes, UK florists know it’s true. And in the realm of event floral design, flowers delivery in London applies just as much to restaurants flowers and bar flowers as conventional flowers delivery. Flowers for restaurants can also bring an ambiance to life or accentuate décor—elegant or edgy, depending on the type of restaurant flower—as with table centrepiece single roses for event flowers decoration. Sometimes restaurant flowers are simply the added touch to make diners feel welcome, too, as is often the case with hotel plants found in lobbies. The flower in a cocktail, though, is a pleasant surprise, your very own flowers gift. Even if it doesn’t enhance the taste, it certain makes drinking it more fun!

Bar flowers that add a passionate twist

If you’re planning a private event or looking into event florists in London, you’ll definitely want to request some of these cocktails. Or not! Maybe you want to put the flowers delivery aside and find a classy establishment that knows their bar flowers and plants. So, keep an eye out for the rose martini; Bee’s Knees, with gin and orange flavours (and an orchid); and the Brazilian orchid, combining cachaça and raspberry liquor. Your best friend or partner might be glad you decided to eschew gift flowers, and went with the night out instead.

Bar flowers and plants that say elegance

Cocktails that also incorporate bar flowers are the lady rose and the lavender martini. Shake these up yourself by searching online flowers recipes and cocktails, or seek out a favorite mixologist who either doubles as a florist or knows how to order same day flowers in London cocktail enthusiasts crave. An event florist also knows that green plants are an easy way to add class to private events, or a bit of allure to a restaurant’s interior. And it doesn’t take a degree in event floral design, either! The Sansevieria plant will enhance any chic décor, or the Schefflera is perfect for a casual lunch spot or for being placed on a windowsill. Many online flowers delivery services provide both of these restaurant plants, among other bar flowers and plants for delivery.

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