Behind the Bouquet

Behind the BouquetThough it may seem like a fun and carefree line of work, florists do not have the easiest time getting fresh flowers from the garden into our homes. It is not as simple as putting a bouquet together, first the flowers need to be specially prepared. Not every single flower comes to the store looking nice.

Annmarie Morris owner of Lait Bloomers and former owner Adrienne Lait attend floral auctions about four times a month. Flowers at auctions are pick a day ahead of time and spend a few hours travelling to flower shops.

Lait says, “Anyone can buy flowers, it is what you do with them that makes the difference.”

Before the flowers enter the shop they are unwrapped, cleaned, trimmed, de-thorned, de-leafed and disinfected. Afterwards each flower receives special handling and conditioning before they reach the store’s vases. Florists have a fairly difficult and demanding job on their hands, and we only see the pretty bouquet or the finished product…


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