Azaleas Soon to Fill the Streets

AzaleasComing in an array of colours, azaleas are a flower that is difficult to forget and gives any landscape a unique look.

Northsiders are feeling the weight of the bad economy, but azaleas are offering them a bit of a boost, as most of them are turning to this flower to brighten their lawn.

The owner of Garden Works, Allen Martinson claims they have seen increased sales of this flower this year, even with the economic downturn. He says, “They should be blooming all over town if people are successful in their gardening.”

Martinson’s theory is that people are cutting back on the luxuries by staying home, and they are putting a bit more elbow grease into making their homes look nice. He says, “When people stay home, they notice things that haven’t been done. People who normally spend thousands of dollars on spring break are doing some big-time gardening,” with the most sough after plant being the azaleas.


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