Autumn Wedding Flowers

Autumn Wedding FlowersIn order for a wedding to be perfect, it needs to be fitted to your needs and personality as closely as possible. Your look, personality, values and even favourite colours need to bring out. If you are not the type of girl who wants to be holding pink flowers during a sunny June wedding, then having an autumn wedding can really give you a new range of options.

Sharon McGukin, a floral designer and author from Georgia, says that in the south, sunflowers are really popular for weddings at this time of year. It is easy to imagine how this flower can really change the overall atmosphere of a wedding. McGukin uses different textures and vibrant colours when decorating for autumn weddings. Even pods, pine cones and twigs can find their way into a bouquet.

McGukin suggests we use mums, traditional roses or lilies to add colour to the bouquet, and it is a good idea to stick to the colour palette of your area. Finally, it is important to remember to not go overboard with colour — you need to have somewhat of a unified look.


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