8 Beautiful Flowering Plants to Grow in Your Garden This Autumn

Are you regular gardener? Flower lover? Or just getting started perhaps and trying out your green thumb? Regardless of your gardening knowledge or expertise, there are always new kinds of flowers to plant and cultivate and enjoy in all seasons. Take a look at these autumn flowers for your garden, an array of old favourites and new flowers and plants arranged for you by Flowers24Hours. You could even take some of these to your office. Will make a wonderful addition to the corporate world. 

Delightful dahlias

These bushy, herbaceous perennials are wild, beautiful and varied in their presentation. Cream, pastel pink, soft orange and magenta are delightful shades to cultivate for autumn. Dahlias’ boldness are that of sunflowers. Their colouration and petal shape are something between zinnias and chrysanthemums.

The prettiest phlox

“Pristine, pale pink phlox are some of the prettiest garden flowers, growing in clusters and profusions of petals. Other bright varieties include white, lavender, peach or orange, and red. When you plant them keep in mind that they thrive in the shade.” – Showtime Digital

Japanese anemone

Anemones are a classic choice for any garden. And these Japanese anemones are playful yet refined, with a rich yellow eye surrounded by white or warm pink petals. Planting them in the shade is preferred, and be sure not to over water.

Pretty verbena

Long, elegant and resilient stems are topped by light purple bunches of tiny flowers. They attract bees and butterflies and contribute to a beautiful and thriving tiny corner in your garden. From Latin, their names translate to the meaning “sacred bough.” Priest usually brought them around. Or they were woven into wreaths, used in rituals, and in traditional medicine.

Salvia guaranitica

These long and slender stalks of deep blue-black or cobalt flowers are tube-shaped and a striking sight in your British garden. Also known as ‘black and blue’ or anise-scented sage, these flowers are a favourite of hummingbirds and butterflies. They exude a fragrant aromatic scent of anise when the plant stem or petals are crushed.

“When planting salvia guaranitica in your garden look for areas that afford them full sunlight or a light amount of shade.” – Solid Start Property Inspections

Penstemon, or Hidcote Pink

Bell-shaped and funnel or tubular shaped flowers sprout from slender evergreen stalks, blooming in late summer and all the way through the early months of autumn. They might be rosy pink coloured flowers, creamy shades, lavender, and light purple. These flowers appreciate sun and well-drained soil (chalk, loam and sand).


Beeblossom, or white gaura

White (or pink) blossoms sparkle and wave enthusiastically in the wind or wave gently in the small breezes which might find their way down your street. This petals are feathery, light, and will stay beautifully bloomed all the way through November.


Crocus flowers in autumn

“These bulbs won’t take long to bloom from the time you plant them. And when they do you will find that they pop up like tiny jewels, surrounded by many blades of green grasses. Look for autumn crocus flowers in colours white, lavender, and different shades of yellow.” – QMAX Pumping Solutions

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