August Flowers Taking the Heat

August Flowers Taking the HeatIn August, Californians really start feeling the heat. Many escape the cities to go fishing or someplace cool, and not many are thinking about gardening.

But many towns are still in full bloom.

Most gardeners feel that this time of year is not worth the hard work, but there are many flowers that are at their best in the heat. Mopheads have beautiful creamy blossoms, which start to droop elegantly at this time of year, and they change into a rosy pink by the end of September.

The sturdy Rose o’ Sharon is also a great choice as this shrub can grow just about anywhere and they really start to bloom at this time of year.

Butterfly Bushes are also a favourite with many. The flower have a “bottle brush” look and a beautiful purple colouring. The shrubs they grow on are rather unruly, but once the flowers start blooming and the butterflies begin to arrive – it all becomes worthwhile.

Finally, Black-Eyed Susans are dependable and often taken for granted, but at this time of year when not much feels like blooming, it is a welcome guest in any garden.

[Via: The New York Times Blogs]

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