Attending Flower Shows

Flower Shows

Flowers shows can teach you a lot, but not all of what you see needs to be taken at face-value. Attending a flower show can put you under the impression that spring is a lot closer than it truly is.

You might get the urge to plant some flower and plants that are not even close to being in season, or you might get the impression that you can plant flowers like daffodils, peonies and roses together, even if this is impossible.

Flower shows are meant for entertainment, they often feature exciting new plants, which will be ready to bloom in a few months but not right now.

If you want ideas for your own garden, it is probably a better idea to go to your local horticulture society’s exhibit. This is where you can find flowers that are currently ready to plant and native to your area. Here you can take notes and write the names of the flowers you like, and find them at your local garden center. Sometimes nurseries hold commercial exhibits, where you might get the chance to purchase something new and take it home right away.


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