Arranging Flowers With Ease

Arranging Flowers With Ease

Arranging flowers can be fairly difficult and may seem impossible. But there are some things you can do to make your flowers more beautiful and last longer.

You need to start getting your flowers ready a day before you start arranging. You should pick flowers in the morning after the dew has dried up. The stems should be cut at an angle with sharp shears. The flowers should be placed in water immediately adding tonic water, crushed aspirin, lemon-lime soda, bleach or store-bought floral preservatives can be added at this time.

Afterwards the flowers should be placed in a cool and shady spot for the night. This way they will have a chance to cool and rest.

You can create your arrangement in any container that can hold water, and it is good idea to use things like floral foam and floral clay to hold your flowers in place.

The more variety you have in your arrangement the better it will be, and don’t be afraid to play with shapes, colours and stem lengths.

[Via: Seattle Times]

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