Ever thought which flowers will enhance the excitement of your enthusiastic Arian friend? Or which colour should you prefer while buying a bouquet for the person? Read on. Some of the following facts will shed interesting light about Arians, there nature and preferences.

Arians are known for their lively, daring, vibrant, and bold nature. Spontaneity always delights them and challenges excite them. Energetic, confident, (serial comma) and passionate, Arians love a vibrant bouquet full of bold colours that reflect the strength of their personality and their infectious enthusiasm.

You will always find Arians championing a cause when they are not busy coming first in their chosen sport or business. The bold colours of the amaryllis and tulip appeal to there confident and dynamic nature.

Flower remedies can be imbibed through Impatiens, Heather, Tiger Lily, Indian Paintbrush Vine, Blackberry, Wild Oat, Cayenne, Tansy, and Sunflower. These can help Arians to be more considerate and passionate towards others. Their essences help to temper the typical Arian aggression, selfishness and realise their potential.

If you want to gift flowers to your Arian friend, pick some red flowers. Choose from tulips, poppies, and fuchsias. Even red and white carnations, the flower of rejoicing appeals to Arians. White tiger lilies along with roses and daisies are your best bet as they reflect the contagious enthusiasm of the Aries.

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