Anything Goes in Nancy Ondra's Garden

Nancy J. Ondra is a talented gardener and well-known writer. She lives in southeastern Philadelphia in a home she has named Hayefield as it was built on such a field. She brought her property from her parents who had gotten it from her grandfather who used to farm that 40 acres of land.

Anything Goes in Nancy Ondra

Ms. Ondra loves to play with colour combinations and foliage in her garden and she comes up with new ideas every year.

This year her garden is filled with a mix of shrubs, trees, perennials, edible flowers and edible plants.

Her own garden is basically the source for her book coming out in March called, “The Plant-by-Plant Perennial Care Manual.”

Her beautiful garden can be viewed from a porch that wraps around her house and which she built herself.

Ms. Ondra started to work on her garden in 2001 after she had finished writing garden books for Rodale Press and running Pendragon Perennials, which was a nursery containing rare plants that she ran outside of her own house. She realized that she was not to good with the business aspect of gardening so she decided to leave and write her own books and create her own garden.

[Via: The New York Times]

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