An Orchid for Everyone

There is quite a fuss around orchids, which is strange as they are elegant but they are hard to grow and not all of them have the sweetest scent among flowers.

An Orchid for Everyone

According to Don Goss, publicist and photographer for the South Bay Orchid Society, it is the fact that they have been with us for ages, and they are ever-resilient.

He says, “If you look at the age of orchids, they go all the way back to the age of dinosaurs.”

It is not only the fact that they have been with us through the ages, it is that they can still grab our attention and admiration.

Gross explained, “Orchids don’t have a lifespan. If they get the right type of climate and treatment, they will bloom every year (or sometimes twice a year, or some for months at a time) and outlive us.”

There is also such a large variety, some are as sweet smelling as we could possibly imagine, while others smell like rotting meat. There are thousands of styles and forms — Goss feels that there is an orchid out there for everyone.

[Via: Los Angeles Times]

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