An Iris Passion

An Iris Passion

Mark and Kendall Richard started off by planting only a few plants, they just wanted to plant a few low-maintenance flowers to add some colour to their farm near Vacaville. They instantly fell in love with bearded iris and this little bit of love slowly turned into a family affair, turning a few flowers into thousands.

Standing knee deep in a rainbow of flowers Kendall says, “This is a hobby gone wild.”

The Richards have more than 60,000 plants with about 800 varieties, and what was once a pasture has now turned into Pleasants Valley Iris Farm. They are lucky to have four children who provide the hands-on-help.

Mark Richard says, “We actually started out with daffodils. We went to Daffodil Hill (in Volcano) and thought, ‘We can do that too.’ But the deer wiped us out the first spring. We tried a few tulips, then got some iris for a little colour out front. And the flowers were just so beautiful.”

“After a while, they just started multiplying,” says Kendall.

[Via: The Modesto Bee]

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