An Aquarius Loves Orchids

Astrology has always interested me. Its interesting interpretations of the linkage of a person to the stars, he or she has born into has always intrigued me. A few days back, I came across some amazing facts about flowers and their relation to people in the field of astrology. It is believed that specific flowers appeal to different astrological signs. If you want your loved ones to appreciate your flowers, gift them flowers according to their zodiac signs because different flowers appeal to different zodiac signs. Every sign of zodiac is characterized by different colours, gemstones, different parts of the body, and even flora.

Are you an Aquarian or do you have an Aquarian friend? Do you know that before Uranus was found, Saturn was Aquarius planet? Flowers such as the blue cornflower, orchid, and Solomons seal are considered Aquarius flowers. Aquarians are humanitarian, philanthropic, and want to make the world a better place. Most Aquarians like to gift flowers that symbolise friendship along with respect as well as regard. Tulips , daffodils, and birds-of-paradise are the flowers that belong to this category.

As we know, Aquarians are unpredictable and love anything that is different. As purple is their favourite colour, they love Amazon fly catchers, black tulips, and even those Tibetan mountain flowers. Water violet is a wonderful remedy to cure aloofness. Try it if you suffer from this problem. Gift these lovely flowers and make sure that your Aquarius friend or loved one likes your gift.

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