America's Favourite Flowers

All eyes are on the United States and the economy, and many flower growers are wondering which flowers Americans prefer.

America Favourite FlowersThe most popular flowers are chrysanthemums, impatiens and petunias, and they are bedding plants. These kinds of plants are usually first grown in greenhouses and then replanted at home.

In American gardens roses are also a popular choice, as well as tulips, which are known as one of the signs of spring. Twenty-nine thousand tulips are planted at the Chicago Botanic Garden alone.

The director of the Chicago Botanic Garden, Kris Jarantoski says that a less well-known flower, the agastache, is also a favourite. Hummingbirds are also a fan of this type of flower. Salvia is another favourite of both gardeners and hummingbirds.

Spiderflowers are also a popular choice as they have the ability to reseed. Flowers that are able to resist dry periods are also sought after. One drought-resistant plant that is quite popular is the lantana.

With the economy at a low point, most Americans are changing their flower choices. They are buying the lower priced versions of their favourites. Likewise, they buy smaller bedding plants instead of buying big plants or trees, which are far more expensive, even though they provide immediate results.

[Via: VOA News]

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