Amaryllis – The Flower For All Occasions

The humble amaryllis is an incredibly versatile flower that can easily be grown outdoors. With its variety of shades it can suit any mood and add to the décor of any social occasion. The red amaryllis is perfect for conveying extravagance, while for those romantic occasions a white amaryllis offers a unique and subtle style. Due to its versatile appearance, the flower can be used to compliment nearly any vase or home decoration. Below are tips for maximising the design potential with an amaryllis planted flower.


Firstly presentation, the amaryllis, with its many colour options, is a flower that can be presented in any number of different ways. One common approach with these flowers is a chic look. Take an amaryllis of any colour, although white would be highly recommended, and partner it with copper. There is not a need for a fancy vase either, a contrast between red and white amaryllis held within a simple copper tube makes for a great decorative piece. A simple yet elegant presentation, suited for a dinner party or small social gathering, would be amaryllis flowers in calm shades, adding a restrained yet sophisticated air to any event. In cases where there is no particular mood in mind or that there is a need something that will suit a room meant for all occasions, the amaryllis is a suitable selection. If a subdued day is likely to turn into a crowded night, a white amaryllis mixed with lilac and peach will keep the pace. Acting as a calm centrepiece at the beginning of the day, it will become the life of the party when evening dawns.

Amaryllis flowers will make a welcome addition to any home, as long as these simple instructions for care are followed. The amaryllis tends to flower for 7 to 10 weeks and therefore require a bit more care than flowers that wilt within the first week or two. To prepare the flower bulbs prior to planting, place them in lukewarm water for a few hours, then plant the bulb up to its neck in compost. Ensure that the bulb is securely set by firmly pressing the soil down after planting. Plant the bulb in a location that is warm and has plenty of direct sunlight throughout the day. Sunlight and warmth are key to survival, as the stems require heat to develop. Water sparingly at first, but increase the amount as stems and buds appear. Amaryllis flowers longer in the winter than in the summer, so adopt a planting schedule that occurs between October and April. To maintain a continuous bloom, try to plant in intervals of two weeks throughout the planting season.

The Amaryllis is an easy to grow bulb whose appearance makes it the flower for all occasions. The wide variety of colours is an additional feature that can perfectly work to accent any home.

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