Amaryllis are back in season!

The amaryllis is yet another flowering plant originating from South Africa.  (Table Mountain alone has more indigenous flowering plants than the whole of the British Isles).  In nature these plants depend on the rains and the absence of frosts.  This gives us the chance of two seasons in the northern hemisphere, so it is not surprising that we are in one of those seasons right now.  They are a great standby for florists in the gloomy dark months of the year.Amarylis LoveAmaryllis is best known for its vivid red colouring but Australian derived hybrids give us pink, white and variegated varieties.   One can grow these indoors as plants in London and one can use the convenience of a florist for beautiful flower arrangements.  One London online florist, has prepared a delightful selection to choose from.  For those in a particular hurry can deliver them the same day in London if required.  There is a choice of cut flowers or beautifully presented growing plants.

Amaryllis, with its spectacular trumpet shaped flowers and jewel bright colours are a sure-fire hit with everyone.  They really go best with formal arrangements as cut flowers but can be surprisingly informal as a growing plant.  The choice is yours.  Do you want a growing plant (which needs a little care and attention to flourish) or a spectacular flower display of cut flowers for some days?  By browsing the website of this London florist one can gain from the flair of the professional florist to see these flowers at their best.


When wanting to send flowers to a family member or friend and use the services of a good florist, such as and have them deliver these beautiful flowers, same day if desired, in London.  These little touches can be such a help if one has overlooked a special date for remembering someone.  Of course speed is no bonus if the quality does not match ones expectations so do stick with the better quality florists in London.  Flowers as gifts are a wonderful custom, with living plants in pots being just as suitable for men as for women.

Flowers24Hours has a beautiful selection of amarylis flower gifts which are available on the online shop, a few of the bestseller available to buy include:

  • Amaryllis – This elegant hand-tied bouquet includes snow white amarylis arranged with still grass and aspidistra leaves, a desirable bouquet suitable for both men and women and for any occasion.


  • Amaryllis Radiance – A radiant bouquet of red amaryllis mixed with delicate red hypericum berries in a stylish black vase. This gift will put a smile on your friend or loved ones face and comes with a keepsake black vase.

Amaryllis Radiance

  • Velvet Amaryllis arrangement – A beautiful arrangement that would be loved by anyone. Fresh red amaryllis is arranged amongst pretty tulips in a hand-woven basket. The flowers are surrounded by blue pine foliage and giftwrapped with a luxurious bow. The flowers can be delivered sameday to London.



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