Amaryllis All Year Round

Amaryllis All Year Round

The amaryllis is not the first flower that comes to mind when we think of summer flowers.

Most people are used to seeing the amaryllis among Christmas decorations, as this is the time it usually blooms. These bulbs are easy-to-grow and we are used to finding them in garden centers around December.

But the amaryllis can also be planted in spring – after the days of frost are over, it is safe to start planting. Gardeners living in the south can even expect a second bloom cycle, but only if 8 months of sun are available for the flower.

In warmer areas, the bulbs can be left in the ground through winter. The leaves of this plant start to dry out and fall off sometime in the autumn. It is hard to predict when these flowers will bloom, but usually this is between the months of March and June.

For those gardeners who choose to take care of expensive or rare amaryllis, it is a good idea to take the bulbs out of the ground for winter and store them potted or out of soil.


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