Alaska as a Flower Center

Alaska as a Flower CenterAlaska is a state that is often forgotten about, and a very unlikely candidate for becoming a flower growing center, as most people would believe.

However, scientist Pat Holloway thinks differently, at a gardening conference she discussed the economic advantages Alaska could have in the global flower trade.

The secret to this advantage is peonies. Peonies are found just about everywhere — in bridal bouquets, hotel floral arrangements and neighborhood gardens. They are eye-catching having that fluffy red, pink and white heads. They are usually sold for about $5 per stem by florists.

One gardening expert told Ms. Holloway, a University of Alaska Fairbanks horticulturist, that late blooming peonies could be a real source of cash, as they bloom easily and plentifully in this state. There is a real demand for these flowers in the market at this point and there is no reason not to go into this venture.


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