Add Colour to Your Mid-Summer Garden

By this time in the summer, most flowers in the garden have bloomed and from this point onward only maintenance is required.

Add Colour to Your Mid-Summer Garden

However, you may feel that your garden is starting to lack energy. There are some plant combination that can revitalize your garden.

Combining foliage and flowers, especially a bit more foliage as it is vibrant for a long time, can really add some life to your garden even after the flowers have died.

Deciduous shrubs should be taken advantage of in July. The so-called smoke bush (Cotinus) has the most variety of colours so it is the best choice for a faded garden. It comes in purple, mint-green, and a golden colour — when combined with contrasting flowers they can make quite a sight.

Also, your potted garden can be rearranged giving it a fresh look. Usually this is the time of year that nurseries have sales on perennials. Plants are usually in full bloom at this time so they will most likely be ready for your garden.

This is an excellent time to get flower supplies for next year as nurseries all over the country are holding sales.


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