A Trek through Slovakia to Enjoy Wildflowers

Slovakian WildflowersOne of the first Naturetreks of the year is taking place on the 7th of June, departing from London. This trip will take adventurers through the plains and mountains of Slovakia. There is a rich variety of flowers throughout the country. The tour is carefully timed, leading through a variety of different habitats. In the south the Slovak Karst is found, with flowers of the dry steppes, the High Tatras Mountains follow which have beautiful alpine meadows.

Hotels are located conveniently along the route of the trek. The guests get to make their way through breathtaking wildflower meadows.

The tour starts off with a trip to the flat Slovak Karst, a small piece of the Great Hungarian Plains. The specialized local flowers and plants that grow in this area bloom in June. There are nature reserves to conserve these plants, as there are rare and unusual species of flora found there.

The next part of the tour leads to the forested Muran Plateau National Park. The wild meadows are full of color, and the forests dark maroon flowers called Lady’s Slipper Orchid. The tour then goes on to Mala Fatra National Park.

This tour goes through some of the most picturesque areas of the region. There are many rare flowers found along this route like the False Daisy, Jasmine Hungarian Snowbell, and Alpine Butterwort. Additionally, there are many specialized flowers blooming above the tree line in the mountainous areas.

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